Products used:
Dr Jart BB Cream
Collection 2000 Concealer
Mac Prep + Prime Loose Powder
Bourjois Blush Blusher
Kate Eyebrow Kit
Rimmel Scandale Eyes
No.7 Exquisite Curl
Sleek Original Palette
Topshop Truffle Polish


Recently I have been really into old classics, currently reading The Great Gatsby - A must read. I have just finished The perks of being a wallflower, also a fantastic book which I have come to love and may have to buy my own copy of it, as I borrowed it from a good friend of mine over Christmas. Also bought a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird and The Catcher in the Rye, which amazingly I haven't read them yet and cannot wait to start them :D 
After reading The perks of being a wallflower, you become mesmerised by the character  Charlie, he's such a sweet boy and fantastic taste in music and of course you have to also watch the film afterwards - which I did. It was good as it was based on the book and they have covered most of the big events in it ( I won't ruin the story line for you guys, who haven't read or seen it yet and hopefully you'd love it as much as I did).


I have been wanting a new haircut for quite some time. I've always had long hair and wanted to look more sophisticated and yet trendy. I wanted something different, therefore researching different haircuts, such as the ones below which I liked, I've decided to go to my trusty hairdressers (Jerry Bell Hairdressers) and recommend Hayley XD
I liked the 'Bob-ish' look which is very on trend in the East; the current fashion in Japan and Korea. It looks professional, sophisticated, trendy yet cute looking at the same time. I told Hayley, my hairdresser that I wanted these kind of qualities and she recommended me to have an asymmetric-concave layered bob, which is very on trend at the moment and will be in 2013, so I said, 'Go for it, before I change my mind!'. Indeed, she went for it and there was no turning back when you see the first cut of the super long hair that I did own. It was all on the salon floor by now. I was a little scared as it was super short however by the end it was all styled and looked great! I may even keep this look for this year XD


Christmas was very fun this year, lots of things going on, both at uni and at home. Having a delicious classic Christmas meal with a few of our closest friends at uni and having a lovely traditional Chinese meal with the family and the relatives back at home. Here are some snaps below that sums it all up for you :D Also had a new haircut - It's super short now (trying something new for the new year XD) I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas and Enjoy the New Year of 2013!!


Sorry for my absence, as I am currently back at university and have been super busy. For the past two weeks we were assigned to do a collaborative project about styling, therefore getting together, photographers and models. 
We as stylists had to choose a certain theme to work around on. Our theme was contemporary, street style with a touch of glamorous rock.
Stylists: Sarah Chin, Emily Bull, Nikita Banga, Cathy Brown & Rebecca Barton
Photographer & Editor: John Hand
Models: Zoe Bishop & Trinity Spohrer


My Birthday lands on the 27th and I have listed my most wanted things for this year, although I know I will only get one or two of these items from this list, as most of these items are super expensive :( Just to update you all I have been job hunting and hopefully will end earning some money soon XD and will obviously end up buying new things!!!

Ok here it goes:
1) Iphone 4s - I use to have one but it's gone now :'(
2) Logitech Laptop Cooling Pad N700 - Have been looking for something like this for a long time, as my computer keeps shutting down due to overheating, plus it comes with intergrated speakers :)
3) Plaited Shopper with Studs - From Zara, I've been eyeing this for a long time now, but have not come to my right mind to pay £129 to pay for this, but it's still so pretty ^-^
4) Jeffrey Campbell with Spikes - Obviously I'm going to love these shoes, it's now £115.
5) H&M Ring - £3.99, just reminded me of a ring I lost from Forever21.
6) Black Hellraisers - I did buy an alternative ages ago, with silver studs but they were from Topshop and have been loved very much. The one I want are from Unif costing around £112.
7) H&M Stacked Rings - They remind me of the ones from Asos, however these are less expensive. I love the different coloured tarnishes on them.
8) Michael Kors Brown Silicone and Rose Golden Stainless Steel Runway Chronograph Watch - I want a watch like this :) Anything Rose Gold I will love and cherish.
9) Cross Over Leggings - From Nasty Gal for £35.06. These are a must have.


Was feeling really creative today! Well my Mum was and she asked me to help with making this Traditional Chinese Recipe. It may not be the same method as everyone else.
 There's a little story behind these cakes and I know that many Chinese orients already know this. (Anyway I went on Wiki and it said:  One tells the tale of a couple that lived a very poor life, in imperial China. They loved each other and lived in a small village. Suddenly, a mysterious disease spread. The husband's father became very sick. The couple spent all of their money in order to treat the man's father, but he was still sick. The wife sold herself as a slave in exchange for money to buy medicine for her father-in-law. Once the husband learned about what his wife did, he made a cake filled with sweetened wintermelon and almond. He dedicated this pastry to his wife, whom he'll never forget and sold it. His cake became so popular that he was able to earn enough money to buy his wife back.) I thought this was a very touching story.
It's actually quite tasty, very sweet!!
1) The Filling. Add all the ingredients for the filling in a mixing bowl and mix it all up. (beware it can be a little messy and sticky)
2) The Dough. Mix all the ingredients for the Dough in a separate bowl. (Best done with a spoon because it's also quite sticky.)
3) Roll out the mixed dough. Mix up a little bit of vegetable oil and cornflour in a bowl and paint over the rolled out dough
4) Then roll it up into a Swiss-roll effect.
5) Chop up the Swiss-like roll into sections. Then flatten each one.
6) Roll the pressed Swiss-like rolls into a circle-ish shape, put a dollop of filling in and close the dough up with your fingers.
7) Place them in a baking tray. Using scissors cut little x-crosses in the middle of each one for decoration purposes.
8) Paint the Egg Wash over the top on each one, to give it a shiny crispy effect.
9) Bake in a preheated oven at 200°C for 20–25 minutes or until golden brown.

100g cake flour
25g icing sugar
25g butter (cubed)
40g water
50g candied winter melon, chopped to bite size
55g caster sugar
70g cooked glutinous rice flour (Koh Fun)
18g butter
15g roasted white sesame seeds
12g coconut flakes
120g boiled drinking water (at room temp.)
Egg wash:
1 yolk + 1 tsp. water + pinch of salt
Corn flour and oil wash:
A little vegetable oil
Corn flour