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My Birthday lands on the 27th and I have listed my most wanted things for this year, although I know I will only get one or two of these items from this list, as most of these items are super expensive :( Just to update you all I have been job hunting and hopefully will end earning some money soon XD and will obviously end up buying new things!!!

Ok here it goes:
1) Iphone 4s - I use to have one but it's gone now :'(
2) Logitech Laptop Cooling Pad N700 - Have been looking for something like this for a long time, as my computer keeps shutting down due to overheating, plus it comes with intergrated speakers :)
3) Plaited Shopper with Studs - From Zara, I've been eyeing this for a long time now, but have not come to my right mind to pay £129 to pay for this, but it's still so pretty ^-^
4) Jeffrey Campbell with Spikes - Obviously I'm going to love these shoes, it's now £115.
5) H&M Ring - £3.99, just reminded me of a ring I lost from Forever21.
6) Black Hellraisers - I did buy an alternative ages ago, with silver studs but they were from Topshop and have been loved very much. The one I want are from Unif costing around £112.
7) H&M Stacked Rings - They remind me of the ones from Asos, however these are less expensive. I love the different coloured tarnishes on them.
8) Michael Kors Brown Silicone and Rose Golden Stainless Steel Runway Chronograph Watch - I want a watch like this :) Anything Rose Gold I will love and cherish.
9) Cross Over Leggings - From Nasty Gal for £35.06. These are a must have.

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