By Sarah Chin - 21:53

I have been wanting a new haircut for quite some time. I've always had long hair and wanted to look more sophisticated and yet trendy. I wanted something different, therefore researching different haircuts, such as the ones below which I liked, I've decided to go to my trusty hairdressers (Jerry Bell Hairdressers) and recommend Hayley XD
I liked the 'Bob-ish' look which is very on trend in the East; the current fashion in Japan and Korea. It looks professional, sophisticated, trendy yet cute looking at the same time. I told Hayley, my hairdresser that I wanted these kind of qualities and she recommended me to have an asymmetric-concave layered bob, which is very on trend at the moment and will be in 2013, so I said, 'Go for it, before I change my mind!'. Indeed, she went for it and there was no turning back when you see the first cut of the super long hair that I did own. It was all on the salon floor by now. I was a little scared as it was super short however by the end it was all styled and looked great! I may even keep this look for this year XD

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