My second year garments made and finished XD FRRRRREEEDOOOM!!! Hopefully i'll be blogging more for you all. Crediting the photographer: Nico Lockhart  Model: Zoe Bishop  Makeup: Beth Taylor  


Geo Mari Gold Brown Lenses (taken in natural daylight)
Available at Eye Candys, I purchased these as I was running out of my daily disposable lenses and really wanted to try out circle lenses again. 
As I read many reviews of how comfortable they were on numerous blogs and how they were in demand, I had to test them out myself.
I ordered them online over the Easter holidays, costing me $26.88 (GBP £17.27) and the fast shipping is FREE (approx 10 days arrival time), as I was expecting the shipping to be longer, as Eye Candys ship worldwide. The packaging was very secure and safe with lots of bubble wrap to make sure that the glasses that the lenses are kept in are unbreakable. The package comes with their business card, a safety care leaflet for their lenses and a FREE contact lense case.
Brand: GEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 42%
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable 

My ratings:
1) Design: Natural brown design with subtle gold flexes running through them. It's very pretty and makes your eyes look brighter and youthful.

2) Enlargement: Slight enlargement, yet again very subtle and natural looking. Has a 14.2mm diameter, therefore not much difference from natural eye size.

3) Comfort: Very comfortable, I've worn them a few times now and my eyes feel like they haven't got any lenses on them (maximum wear for me is 8 hours), however when you wear them at first you may find it a little irritating as I guess your eyes are not used to new lenses, but if u carry eye drops with you it should be fine.

Overall experience: Fantastic and a great purchase and I recommend anyone who's looking for new lenses which look natural and adorable.


My friend's 21st was amazing!!!! The theme was obviously Disney and Pixar related and I decided to go as Russell, from the film Up, which was my ideal character, as I'm small and Asian XD
There were some fantastical characters!!! 
How I made the Russell costume (Up Character): I borrowed a yellow top from my little brother and the brownie sash was borrowed from one of the good friends in the photo. I already had the shorts, bought the strappy backpack and cap from Ebay and finally, bought half a metre of orange fabric for the flag and the scarf and as well as the long socks from Topshop Sale. a little touch that makes the outfit complete was to print out the Wilderness Explorer logos to hand-sew onto the yellow polo-top and the flag:) 


The charity Art Against Knives have produced a series of 3 designer T-Shirts to add to their online shop and as I was lucky to help backstage I got to contribute in advertising to a fabulous cause. I bought one of these T-Shirts as well XD  The design is made by Fred Butler Style, a polka dot sticker collage artwork on a pair of butterfly wings. It is meant to be physcadelic and as colourful as possible to brighten up any wardrobe. It surely brightens my wardrobe now..... It was £20 when i bought mine and the profits will go to fund AAK amazing work in youth-led arts initiatives providing an alternative to violent gang culture. AAK works to reduce the root causes of knife crime after the tragic and unprovoked stabbing of Oliver Hemsley, a 21-year-old student from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design. The vicious attack, which has left Oliver in a wheelchair, took place in Shoreditch, East London, in August 2008. It is the impact of this that drives Art Against Knives to create something positive from such a life-changing experience. 

To get hold of one of the multicoloured t-shirts, you can buy them here

(Pics - the t-shirts on sale at Chica Boutique fashion show at Spitalfields, hosted by Jonny Woo, held in support of Art Against Knives)
Also spotted myself sneakily watching the show too.


Yes it's a studded Blouse:) You've probably seen it on everyone by now, but I had my eye on it when I went to Zara last month ago, but it was something around £39.99, well I was going to buy it, but then changed my mind, as it was stretching my student budget -_-
However browsing on the internet and the procrastination begins, you end up going on Ebay. I did that. Stumbled across this blouse and bought it :) It was only £10.82, plus FREE P&P. The seller is from China, called Dohairx. I highly recommend you check their items for sale! Amazing quality for the price you pay! The delivery process was very quick, better than other international sellers on ebay, so thumbs up to that. It took approximately a week for my package arrive XD
I wore this to London the other day to get lots of material and haberdasheries for our Menswear project with our group. I through on over the top, a deep purple, loose, asymmetric jumper  (from Topshop) and thought this effortless style was comfortable to travel, yet looking on trend and of course wearing black leggings and boots to finish it off.


I love Acuvue contact lenses. Recently I have purchased 1 Day Acuvue Define - Natural Shine contact lenses from my loved site: feelgoodcontacts. They are my most loved coloured contacts and they say, 
"1-Day Acuvue Define lenses are the first daily disposable lenses to enhance your beauty in a natural, subtle way. They make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more beautiful. Greater definition and subtle sparkle enhanced natural beauty with excellent comfort and vision. It also helps keep eyes feeling fresh and comfortable all day long and protects the eyes from potentially harmful UV radiation. The unique Lacreon technology helps to keep your eyes feeling fresh and comfortable until the end of the day. When your eyes are tired and need it most. Beauty wrapped in Comfort™ technology creates a dark ring around the eyes to give more depth and definition to your eyes - and a light effect pattern to create the effect of eyes the twinkle with light." 
I would absolutely recommend these to those people who have a prescriptive sight and who want to enhance their natural eye colour. It brightens and makes my eyes look more livelier. There are almond/hazel/brown flecks shooting through these lenses, which in my opinion makes the colours blend incredibly well with my natural dark brown eye colour, however it doesn't so much give that 'huge dolly-eye' look that many Asian circle lenses offer, however I find that some of these 'Asian- marketed' circle lenses are uncomfortable and sometime look scary in natural day light. 
1 Day Acuvue Define - Natural Shine is subtle, hence won't look scary at all. It gives the natural eye colour, a lighter change but at the same time it intensifies the eye, giving a fresh, healthier and younger look as well as being super comfortable like all Acuvue lenses. You won't have to worry about damaging your eyes, as they are daily disposables and can only be worn once :)