Netflix Obsession (Okja)

Netflix has really pushed the boat in producing original series and films this month. I'm glad to say that I like to choose what to watch, so here I am telling you about my current obsessions. 

Okja is the title of the Netflix original film. The trailer for this was captivating and original. It instantly took my breath away due to its mesmerising scenes. It captures a fantasy-like nature to the film and is directed by South Korean film-maker Bong Joon Ho. The film toys with emotions but is also creative and aesthetically pleasing to watch.
Okja, the 'Super-pig' is about a young girl called Mija, who delves in the powerful notion of saving her best friend (Okja). It talks about the difficulties of conglomerate companies and the greed of being successful. More so, about culture around the characters and the effects of science within food. Overall, Okja is quirky and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to see something different and eye-opening.

Watch the trailer below:

BIG BIG Lashes - it's 'Monsieur BIG!'

Who are No.1 for best mascaras in the world? Lancome of course! Again with a blast! Lancome have done it again for bringing out a new mascara. Monsieur Big (MR BIG) claims to maximise any lash. It is BIG, BOLD and SUPER BLACK with an ALL DAY STAYING POWER. I of course needed to try it for myself.

The sensual feeling you get from applying this mascara is miraculous! The image above has only one coat of mascara and BOOM VOLUME! It is super intense. If you are the person who loves big falsies, then you will definitely buy this mascara. It only costs £21 which is only 50p more than Benefit's UK no.1 best-selling mascara.
I have worn this mascara in 30 degree heat. There is a little smudging but not to be expected in this sweltering heat wave. Yes I would recommend it still because of the immense impact that it gives to my tiny lashes. It gives me extra length and depth to my eyes, which I love. I hope my little review helped you all. X


love T.K.MAXX

T.k.maxx is outstanding! detail, the quality, the price and the experience of finding unique pieces. Shopping in store and online has always been a pleasant experience for me.
Being a fashion fanatic, I've always had an eye for detail and design. My wardrobe is full of different key silhouettes and textured fabrics. It's a playground for inspiration and ideas.

Shopping on the other hand has always been a hobby for me. It's like a game where I find unique and special pieces that deserve to be worn or to be placed or played with. I stumbled on the website the other day and found some new key pieces. They deserve to be mentioned for all you shoppers out there. I am only mentioning clothes, as it will take up my life because it is sooooo gooood!!!

What Power do you have?

Teint Idole Ultra Wear
My power shade: 01

Lancome celebrates strong individuals who know what the word, 'Beauty' is all about. Everyone should feel empowered in how they look and feel. Happiness is the key to success, so this is where make-up comes into play. The new foundation 'Teint Idole Ultra Wear,' claims to last all day, has a light-weight feel and has full coverage with a matt-finish on the skin. It now has 40 new shades that accommodates each woman or man.

Are we all Instagram ready yet? Most foundations who claim to have full-coverage does not feel great on the skin. It is heavy, sticky and unnatural, so I am always looking for better alternatives. I must say, Lancome's new foundation is the best I've tried. It is similar to Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation in the way it feels and looks. It is matte but radiant at the same time. My skin feels breathable yet natural and my imperfections concealed. The best part is that it lasts all day without any touch-ups.

I tested the lighting to see if there are any flash backs from the camera and whether it looks natural.

My overall score for 'Teint Idole Ultra Wear' is a clear 10/10. It captures youthfulness and perfection at the same time. It is available in a variety of tones and colours that will suit everyone. It lasts all day and does not irritate sensitive skin. The packaging also feels luxurious to the touch.
I hope my review will help choose your perfect shade. Have a good day X