Netflix Obsession (Okja)

By Sarah Chin - 16:53

Netflix has really pushed the boat in producing original series and films this month. I'm glad to say that I like to choose what to watch, so here I am telling you about my current obsessions. 

Okja is the title of the Netflix original film. The trailer for this was captivating and original. It instantly took my breath away due to its mesmerising scenes. It captures a fantasy-like nature to the film and is directed by South Korean film-maker Bong Joon Ho. The film toys with emotions but is also creative and aesthetically pleasing to watch.
Okja, the 'Super-pig' is about a young girl called Mija, who delves in the powerful notion of saving her best friend (Okja). It talks about the difficulties of conglomerate companies and the greed of being successful. More so, about culture around the characters and the effects of science within food. Overall, Okja is quirky and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to see something different and eye-opening.

Watch the trailer below:

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